CELEBRATE good times, come on!

I'm so excited to share this new variety of the GAIA Cookie with you! I call it the Celebration Cookie and that alone makes this exciting! We're celebrating this new GAIA Cookie flavor and our new beautiful, yet user-friendly, store layout.

This is a delicious golden sugar cookie baked with pops of natural rainbow-colored sprinkles and topped with a white chocolate drizzle, then kissed with just a few more sprinkles for fun!

Don't take my word for it, you can now order these Celebration Cookies with your favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies in the new variety pack, any size of your choice. The cookie varieties are baked separately and individually wrapped for freshness and safety.

Allergy warning: I must tell you, there is one difference with this new cookie. It does contain cornstarch and maltodextrin in the sprinkles if you happen to have a corn allergy. If you want more information about all ingredients in this cookie, check it out here.

One last mention, the new store will still ask for contact information but it will not take any online payments. You will pay in person at the time of pick-up as usual. Just follow each step and you're good to go!

Well guys, here you are, check out the Shop page!

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